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Két kisregény egy kötetben. Tudjuk, hogy vannak emberek, akik érzik a szeizmikus mozgásokat, érzékenyek a földrengésre, vulkánkitörésre. De nem sokan vannak, akik képesek kommunikálni egy heggyel. Az Angari (12 ezer szó) és a Mira (23 ezer szó) két ilyen történetet mesél el, két kislányról, akiknek van egy közös vonásuk.


  12 thousand words, 2017
  Volcanologist Michel Leroy is invited to the tiny tropical volcanic island of Angari to check whether they should expect an eruption or not. It turns out that beyond the island and the volcano though, there is another Angari, a nine year old girl who is absolutely sure the volcano will erupt and the island will be completely destroyed. A routine check is enough for Michel to know that if Angari is really going to erupt it will indeed destroy the island, but how does Angari know that at nine years old and with no knowledge of geology? She cannot even read.
  He begins to examine the volcano which is gradually awakening, and soon it becomes clear that the eruption will take place. Shortly after the last person (Angari) leaves the island, it is destroyed in one of the most powerful volcanic explosions in history.
  (The location of Angari is never disclosed. Practically all countries that have tropical volcanic islands are mentioned as “abroad”. Both the unnamed country Angari is located in and the dialect spoken by the islanders, of which we learn many words, are created by myself. The language was later reused as the szúni language in Ninda.)
  23 thousand words, 2018
  The sequel to Angari is set three years later, when Angari, now named Angari Lerua having been adopted by volcanologist Michel Leroy, and now also 12 year old volcanologist-to-be at ALERT (American Lithosphere Exploration and Research Taskforce) and popular personality known worldwide, is on her summer vacation, but after receiving a sign, she cuts it short and travels to the little town of Naknir, on a high plateau of the volcano Halli-Haumma, part of the Múnaóli mountains. The residents of Naknir, of course, all know who Angari is, including a local girl, Mira, who speaks none of the languages Angari has now learned, but they understand each other without words. Together, without letting the adults know how they communicate with each other and how they understand what happens inside the mountains, they discover the secret of the enormous volcanic movement beginning underground, foretelling some smaller catastrophes.
  (Again, the location and the language is completely made up by myself.)

TARTALOM (rendezd ábécébe)